A Divine Design

Kevin Yumul is keeping it fresh by designing clothes for young people that both echoes the fashion of today and proclaims a divine truth!

Words by Moira M Tauiliili


Based in the Western Suburbs of Sydney is a young designer with passion and a purpose. Kevin Yumul took the plunge and left his full-time job that he had been working at for, 4 years to pursue his small business that is making a big statement across Australia. Kevin now owns, working 18 hours day and night for, his own clothing brand THIS IS HEAVEN. 

"This Is Heaven- In The Company Of Angels is a  brand that aims to promote the message of the Jesus Christ through streetwear clothing, accessories and design."

The main objective of TIH is to provide a way for young people to proclaim an unchanging truth through something that is always changing, streetwear. This objective comes from Kevin's own experience as a teen, "trying to fit in and loving God has always been a battle" and TIH is a design journey that gives young people that space to be who they were created to be and look fresh at the same time. 

"This Is Heaven can inspire the youth and young adults that they can do this by staying true to themselves without compromising their faith."

This Is Heaven Creatives, caters to men and women with a range of products from tote bags to hoodies, t-shirts to caps with the hopes to expand the design range as more customers jump on board. 


Why this is heaven?

The name of the company says it all, it stems from a genuine relationship with God. TIH came about when plans for the business were being discussed between himself and a friend - after brainstorming a number of options it just seemed the most relevant to both the mission and vision of the design concept. Kevin explains, "the statement felt very powerful because saying something is Heaven is almost saying that the presence of God and all his glory is there. It feels like that name was given to and the brand is just a vessel of his works." 

It is through his relationship with God and his faith that Kevin hopes to attract like minded people - and even evangelise others - to encounter the same metanoia that he experiences through the daily grind as a designer. 

"The hunger to keep designing the most interesting design..." This is precisely what motivates Kevin from the beginning of his work day to the end. 

However, the motivation extends beyond the design work its about hearing a 'call' or as he puts it "fulfilling the dream that God has planted in my heart and knowing that God has great plans for this." 


Kevin's design process is simple, it expands from an idea that comes about through an everyday activity - whether it be music, art, lyrics or even a conversation with a friend- inspiration can come from just about anywhere at anytime.  This idea is then extensively thought about and planned out, "how to execute it, what medium and style and how it will look like at the end." What is working really well for Kevin is that he maintains a great deal of dialogue with his customers on his designs, always looking for feedback, working to put out the best possible product. 

"I try to feel if it will stick with the audience and feel if its right. I ask friends around me if they are feeling it too. This is important because it helps you gauge the effectiveness of the design."

The approved designs are then given to the manufacturers and whilst they work on the specifications and quantities, Kevin works on advertising on his booming social media platforms and website. (Follow TIH on Instagram here: This Is Heaven


Kevin looks to many for motivation and influence but his top 3 are:
Jean Michel Basquiat (Artist)
"his work has defined streetart to what it is today. His use of colours and his subtle hints in his work gives a bold statement to the ones who understand it"
Jay Z (Hip Hop Artist)
"Other than his style of music, his attitude towards business influences my work to keep on going."
Valentin Ozich (I Love Ugly creative director)
"not only a nice dude that inspired me when I was younger, but his approach to detail and simplicity is unmatched."


"With one T-Shirt at a time. Jokes. In all honesty, I wish to change the world by showing them that you can live your life according to Christ while making your dreams come true. I wish to inspire the younger generation after me because they will be the ones who will change it."

As St John Chrysostom said in the primitive ages of the Church, "The whole air about us is filled with angels." So, if this is true, then... 


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