A Mission in Nepal 

Samm Gear is a young student and nurse from Melbourne, preparing to go on a trip of a lifetime! 


Words by Moira M Tauiliili

It is a dream of many to go travelling and for Samm Gear, the dream to travel is no different to any other 23-year-olds currently who are under the strain of uni deadlines, in full-time work or undergoing placement. With these dreams in mind, Samm is taking a different spin on things with her travels this time around. No, this isn't about a classic Contiki experience or about the endless potential Instagram worthy pictures taken by the beach, reposted on snap stories and Facebook, it's about preparing for the trip of a life time and she needs your help to get there!

Fresh out of high school, in 2013, Samm entered into full-time tertiary study and has continued onto postgraduate studies, which she is currently undertaking. Within the postgraduate program, Samm has found new ways of putting her skills into practice, combining them with aspirations to travel and make a difference abroad. 

"Being in the nursing career for three years now has rewarded me so much. Not in terms of pay but with all the people I've met that have impacted my life.Hearing their stories and their hardships and for them to still be able to smile is inspiring."

Intensive Care Nursing

Encouraged by her mum, Samm has perservered in a field that she would never have dreamt of working in prior to her studies. "When I was in year 11, I had to make a decision and I thought 'yeah let's give it a go.'" She explains that upon entering into study all anxieties about hospitals, needles, blood just went away and she got comfortable with it all. 

"People always say they're looking to care for people, I think it's more than that. It's more trying to be there for a person when they're at their weakest point and understanding where they're coming from."

Picture By: World Youth International 

Picture By: World Youth International 

Samm believes that Intensive-Care nursing is a beautiful way to connect with other nurses around the world, be in touch with other cultures and make a difference in a field that she holds so dear. From this belief, she is preparing for the trip of a lifetime with World Youth International. 

Picture By: World Youth International

Picture By: World Youth International

World Youth International

"I've always wanted to do volunteer work and this opportunity just came up on my newsfeed on Facebook and it just worked out perfectly." The trip is a 4-week volunteer journey to Nepal, going to villages and a big city hospital, adjusting to their culture, seeing things that are uncommon in Australian hospitals and teaching the locals and nurses new things. 

"In Australia, we have so many resources and sometimes we take them for granted. It'd be great to learn to appreciate what we have and encourage them with the basic information I've learned in my studies."

Samm started fundraising for her trip in January of this year and with your help, she can raise the $2,200 needed to make a difference in the lives of many across Nepal. For Samm this isn't about getting away for a holiday it's about serving a country with similar values and customs to what she grew up with. Every donation, small or big will make a difference.

Why Nepal?

With an Anglo-Indian heritage and moving to Australia at 10 years old, there has always been the value of "family, hospitality and togetherness" in Samm's life. 

"The Nepalese are very welcoming I've heard. Despite the earthquakes, they're always smiling and happy to have helpers there... I had the choice between Nepal and another country but I chose Nepal because it was a very similar to culture to my own." 

Samm has an exciting future ahead of her, all which is centred around helping others and using the resources she has gained from her nursing studies to make a difference in somebody else's life. Her plans after this the trip are to work overseas whether it be in Dubai where some of her family are or even London. She explains, "... I hope to advance in my nursing career and hopefully do another mission trip somewhere." 

Who has inspired you the most in this journey?

"Probably my mum, when I first started nursing I wanted to quit but she was always there to drive me to work, call me at lunchtime to check up on me... She always goes out of her way for me and in that time she would do the same just to see if I was okay..." 

The endless support from her mother has continued on into her intensive career, whenever there is a doubt in Samm's mind her mother is always there to pick her up and let her know it'll be okay.  Both her parents have actively supported her and now it's time for Samm to get out there with the morals and values she has picked up from her parents, the skills and knowledge she has learned through her studies and put them to good use -Nepal is the first step on this road. 

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